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Shankara Cancer Hospitals

Delivering world-class cancer care that is equitable and accessible to every single cancer patient since 2012!

Shankara Cancer Hospitals, recognised as a world leader in cancer care, seamlessly combines cutting-edge medical technology and expertise with unwavering compassion and community service. Its first flagship cancer hospital, Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital and Research Centre - Bangalore, known for its state-of-the-art facilities and a team of world-renowned oncologists, stands out for its commitment to personalised and patient-centric care.

Beyond medical excellence, Shankara Cancer Hospitals, Bangalore is actively engaged in cancer prevention along with the Sri Shankara National Centre for Cancer Prevention and Research, expanding cancer screening, education, awareness and support to underprivileged communities. With a holistic approach to healing, groundbreaking research initiatives and a focus on spreading cancer awareness, Shankara Cancer Hospitals, Bangalore exemplifies a beacon of hope where the advancements in medicine meet profound humanitarianism.

2.5 Lakh
sq. feet of built up area
housing the latest technology in cancer enabling over 100 expert oncologists deliver the best cancer treatment in Bengaluru
comprehensive centre
provides the highest quality, personalised and ethical cancer care for patients from all backgrounds by making it accessible & equitable
Advanced Operation Theatres
brings the latest operation theatre technology into the hands of our skilled surgeons ensuring our patients have  better surgical outcomes.
Linear Accelerators
for radiotherapy that are versatile powerhouses with speed and accuracy. Also a recognised training centre for Radiation Oncology.
daycare Chemotherapy Unit
ensuring comfort, care and covenience. Staffed by specialist doctors and nurses for safe administration of chemotherapy.
Paediatric oncology unit
with paediatric ICUs and 2 level play area offering holistic care to children with cancer. Dedicated paediatric nurses and care team care for the children as family
Bone marrow transplantation unit
designed with meticulous attention to infection prevention and the top-end infrastructure for successful transplantation and smooth recovery
luxury suites
in specially curated floor, offers unparalleled care and superlative comfort, designed to provide a serene sanctuary for patients and their families
Delivering Compassionate Cancer Care

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