Why Us?

Shankara Cancer Hospitals is the epicentre for the realisation of Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation’s goal to create a cancer-free society.

Shankara Cancer Hospitals are meticulously designed, state-of-the-art cancer hospitals, known as the best in the country. Our comprehensive cancer hospitals in Bengaluru and Bhubaneswar with a total bed count of 1280, are renowned for providing evidence-based care and support, prioritising the latest research findings to ensure that every treatment decision is rooted in scientific evidence.

Shankara provides everything under one roof, I don't have to go anywhere else for any kind of diagnosis or tests. Everything is maintained well and done with the thought in mind that the patient needs to recover soon and go back home soon. I am grateful to them because what I am today is because of them.

Nitika Chordia
Co-Founder, Little Earth Salads

Our commitment to providing premium cancer treatment is evident in our advanced technology and infrastructure. From cutting-edge medical equipment to ultramodern facilities for patients, we strive relentlessly to provide the highest quality of care.

80,000 patients have received treatment tailored to their individual needs, supported by our strong team. Our dedicated medical professionals take the time to understand each patient's specific condition, needs and preferences, which ensures that treatment plans are personalised for each patient, recognising that every patient’s journey is unique. Their tireless efforts drive innovation and continuous improvement in the quality of cancer care putting us at the forefront of medical advancements.

I was in 8th standard when I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, my parents could not handle when the doctor told us the diagnosis. Doctors at Shankara Cancer Hospital did not delay my treatment. I was immediately admitted and my chemotherapies were started. The nurses motivated me whenever I was low and they treated me as their little sister. During the course of my treatment, I made a lot of friends and even after the completion of my treatment, they are in touch. I am forever grateful to Shankara for giving me the strength to fight and win against cancer.

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) Survivor

We adhere to the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all aspects of patient care and research, earning the trust and confidence of the community. Ethical considerations are paramount in everything we do and the guiding principle of Shankara Cancer Hospitals. Our healthcare team is committed to providing not only medical expertise but also empathy and support to every patient and their loved ones.

Our commitment to excellence extends to every detail of the patient experience. The custom-built lounge chairs and free waiting area in the ICU are designed with the patients’ and caregivers’ comfort and convenience in mind. Furthermore, the Hospital Infection Control Committee (HICC) practices stringent infection prevention measures across the hospital and vigilantly intercepts infections by monitoring the air and water quality within the hospital premises. Through these expert practices, Shankara Cancer Hospitals rigorously maintains the lowest hospital-acquired infection rates, thus, facilitating a speedy and hassle-free recovery of all our patients.

The hospital is the best, cleanest and growing. They keep humanity on a high pedestal and their efforts is to heal the nation with care.

referred by a fellow airline passenger whose mother had a successful cancer tumour removal at Shankara Cancer Hospitals

We have made a remarkable impact in the lives of cancer patients through our compassion-driven approach to cancer care by making novel provisions such as dormitory facilities for patients travelling from far away during the treatment, the Nithya Anna Dana Scheme for general ward patients and school away from school for paediatric patients.

Shankara Cancer Hospitals is a growing testament that proves quality cancer care is accessible to everyone and affordable to all. Our mission and vision statements set forth by Dr. B. S. Srinath are being realised every day through our steadfast endeavour.

Our Vision

To be an acknowledged leader in the field of cancer cure and research by ensuring that high-quality care reaches the common man.

Our Mission

To be a pioneer in cancer cure and research through innovation and being sensitive to the environment in which we all exist.

Our Philosophy

  • Access to equitable and affordable cancer care for all our patients.
  • Latest technology for the highest standards of care.
  • Focus on awareness and prevention as equally important as treatment.
  • Increased accessibility through rural detection camps.

We understand that facing an illness can be challenging, and we are here to walk alongside you every step of the way, providing care, comfort, understanding, and hope.

Shankara Cancer Hospitals stand as temples of healing, where ensuring that each patient receives the best possible care is our ethos.

The holy environment of the hospital made me feel secure. The treatment was difficult but the environment, atmosphere, hospitality and the way they took care of me were so soothing that I felt like I was living in a five-star hotel rather than undergoing cancer treatment. Here in Shankara Cancer Hospitals, right from the chief doctor to the housekeeping staff, they have so much compassion towards the patient. There is no discrimination between the quality of treatment provided to the different categories of wards. Even in the toughest phase of life, there was a good experience. I received a lot of support from staff, especially the nurses and doctors.

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor