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Bringing World-Class Cancer Care To Eastern India
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Shankara Cancer Hospitals

We believe that every single cancer patient deserves the highest quality of care and we ensure they receive it without any barriers

Shankara Cancer Hospitals, recognised as a world leader in cancer care, seamlessly combines cutting-edge medical technology and expertise with unwavering compassion and community service. Its latest flagship cancer hospital, Bagchi Sri Shankara Cancer Centre and Research Institute - Bhubaneswar is a state-of-the-art cancer hospital in Odisha catering to the needs of the people of Odisha and her neighbouring states in eastern India. Through Shankara Cancer Hospitals, Bhubaneswar, Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation has brought to life, the dream of Sri Subroto Bagchi and Smt. Susmita Bagchi of building a world-class cancer hospital in Odisha.

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Shankara Cancer Hospitals, Bhubaneswar, our 750-bed super-speciality cancer hospital in Bhubaneswar offers the best cancer treatment and world-class cancer care to everyone with the core principles of creating a compassionate ecosystem and delivering high-quality oncological supervision at affordable prices. The cancer hospital has been equipped with modern technology and best-in-class, highly qualified doctors.

Shankara Cancer Hospitals' expansion to Eastern India, through Bagchi Sri Shankara Cancer Centre and Research Institute - Bhubaneswar, promises better days for cancer patients in Odisha and neighbouring states of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and the rest of eastern India. This phenomenal healing journey is a collaborative effort towards providing paramount care with utmost vigilance.

houses the best cancer centre with modern facilities.
Comprehensive Centre
meticulously designed to provide an all-encompassing cancer diagnostics, treatment and research.
Consultation Rooms
that are spacious, private and comfortable in the OPD block.
General Wards
each accommodating 6 patients in the in-patient block - IPD, can accommodate 300 patients on any given day.
Daycare Chemotherapy Ward
to provide personalized care and support in a dedicated setting which offers a more flexible and convenient option for patients, minimizing the need for extended hospital stays.
Dedicated Care
by dedicated doctors with specialised training and expertise.
Advanced Operation Theatres
in the state-of-the-art OT complex with capabilities to perform 200-300 surgeries monthly, ensuring crucial treatment for patients.
for both out-patient and in-patient needs, offering a wide range of medications and supportive products at rates often lower than the Maximum Retail Price.
Delivering Compassionate Cancer Care

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